Terms of Use

This page describes the terms and conditions for using the Olympus (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. ("Olympus") Websites displayed at the URLs "www.olympusimage.com.my" (referred to below as "this Website"). If you use either of the Websites, you are deemed to have assented to these terms and conditions. Note that these terms and conditions of use are subject to change without notice. You are deemed to have assented to any changes when using either of the Websites.

Note that the terms and conditions do not apply to any other websites operated by us or our affiliates. For the terms and conditions of use of those other websites, please contact the department which is in charge of each of the other websites.

1. Information Contained on the Website

Olympus makes no warranty as to the accuracy, up-to-dateness, utility, or other qualities of the information contained on the Websites. Additionally, Olympus may add to, modify, correct, or delete the information on the Websites, or suspend or cease the public availability thereof or the like, at its own discretion and without prior notice. Olympus accepts no liability for any damages suffered as a result of any additions, modifications, corrections, or deletions of the information on the Websites, or the suspension or ceasing of public availability thereto, or the like. The above exclusion of liability shall not apply to the extent the relevant laws may deny such exclusion. In such case Olympus shall be liable to such extent as the laws require.

2. Recommended Browsers

Unless otherwise noted, we recommend that the Websites be viewed using one of the following browsers:

  • - Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (Windows or Macintosh version) or later
  • - Netscape 7.0 (Windows or Macintosh version) or later

Additionally, the following plug-ins and helper applications are needed to access some of the content on the Websites. If you do not have these applications installed, please download them from the links below. Note that these plug-ins and helper applications are subject to change without notice.

Adobe Reader
Macromedia Flash Player
Apple QuickTime

3. Copyrights

Unless specifically stated, Olympus or one of its affiliates owns the copyrights to all documents, images, video, audio, programs, and other materials ("the Materials") provided on the Websites, and these copyrights are protected by the copyright laws, treaties, and other laws of each country.
You may view or print the Materials for your own personal, non-commercial use. Any other use or action (including copying, alteration, parsing, public transmission, transfer, loan / lease, licensing, or any commercial use) is prohibited without the prior written consent of Olympus.

This shall not apply, however, if different terms and conditions for use are clearly stated in the Materials.

4. Trademarks

All OLYMPUS trademarks, logos, names of Olympus products, service marks, and the like on the Websites are the property of Olympus or one of its affiliates. All other names of products and companies are in general property of their respective companies. You must obtain written consent from Olympus before using any Olympus logo mark.

5. Linking to the Websites

Please contact us if you would like to link to the Websites. Note that we do not allow links from the following types of sites:

  • - Sites prejudicial to public order and standards of public decency
  • - Sites that could slander or defame specific individuals or groups
  • - Sites that charge users for access to the Websites through linking
  • - Sites that could damage the credibility or trust of Olympus
  • - Such other sites as Olympus may find to be inappropriate

Even if you are given permission to link to the Websites, Olympus may cancel that permission if it deems that the link is inappropriate, due to any subsequent circumstances.
When linking to the Websites, always use a text link (prior written permission is required for using an Olympus logo mark as a link banner). Set up the link so that the Websites appears in its own window, rather than in a frame of the linking page (set the HREF's target option to _top or _blank). Note that links to individual pages may become invalid without notice, due to modifications to the site or server structure.

6. Links to Other Companies' websites

The non-Olympus websites linked from the Websites are managed and operated under the responsibility of their respective corporations or individuals. They are not under the control of Olympus. Olympus accepts no liability for any losses you may incur by using one of the non-Olympus websites. Please use any websites linked from the Websites at your own risk, and under the terms and conditions of that site.
Olympus provides the links to these websites for your convenience only, and such links do not indicate that we encourage or endorse the use of those websites or any products or services provided for therein. Furthermore, such links do not necessarily mean that there is any affiliation, cooperation, or other special relationship between Olympus and the corporations / individuals managing / operating those websites.

7. Olympus Points

7.1 Awarding of Points

7.1.1 The Company shall grant Points to a Member when a Member purchases Olympus goods, participates in Olympus activities etc. on the Company's websites using the method designated by the Company, and when otherwise deemed to be reasonable by the Company.

7.1.2 The websites, services and transactions subject to the granting of the Points (hereinafter referred to as the “Point Transactions”), the ratio of granting the Points, and other conditions for granting the Points shall be solely determined by the Company and announced to the Members on a website specified by the Company in advance (hereinafter referred to as the “Announcement Site”). Whether or not a transaction is subject to the granting of the Points, the ratio of granting the Points and the valid period differs according to the type of transaction and the type of service used.

7.1.3 The Company hereby reserves the right to, at any time, and from time to time, imposes a limit on the number of Points to be awarded to each Member in respect of special promotional items and/or offers.

7.1.4 The Points are granted after a certain period specified by the Company has elapsed after a Point Transaction. If the Company confirms that there has been a cancellation or return in relation to the Point Transaction, the Points are not granted for the Point Transaction, and if the price of the Point Transaction changes, they are granted according to the changed purchase amount. Whether or not the Points are granted for a transaction, the number of the Points granted, and other final decisions concerning the Points shall solely be made by the Company and the Members shall adhere to such final decisions made by the Company.

7.1.5 The Points are non-transferrable and shall not be transferred between accounts. If a Member has multiple membership registrations, such Member may not combine the Points held under each of these membership registrations.

7.2 Usage of Points

7.2.1 Members may use all or part of the Points they have as a discount for payment when purchasing goods on the online store, offsetting repair charges and workshop charges, etc. or using services on the Company's website using the method designated by the Company.

7.2.2 The number of the Points that can be used in a single payment is limited to 15% of the total amount. However, the Company may, at its sole discretion, change this upper limit.

7.2.3 Points used by Members shall not be returned under any circumstances.

7.2.4 The products and paid services for which Points can be used, the usage limit on Points that can be used in a single transaction and other conditions for the use of Points shall be specified by the Company, and the Company may, at its sole discretion, establish, change or terminate these at any time without notice.

7.2.5 Where purchased products and services are not provided due to such products or services being out of stock, unavailable or other circumstances, the number of the Points used in making the said purchase shall be returned to the Member in such cases.

7.2.6 The sale of goods and the provision of services shall be governed by the Online Shop Terms and Conditions specified at https://www.shopatolympus.asia/sea/terms-of-use

7.3 Cancellation and Expiry of Points

7.3.1 If there is a return, cancellation or other reason for which the Company deems it to be reasonable to cancel the granting of Points concerning a Point Transaction, the Company reserves the right to cancel the Points.

7.3.2 If the Company deems any of the following items to apply, the Company may cancel all or part of the Points held by a Member without any prior notice:

a. illegal or unlawful conduct;

b. violation of these Terms and Conditions or other regulations or rules specified by the Company; or

c. the Company otherwise deeming it appropriate to cancel Points granted to the Member.

7.3.3 The validity period of Points is 2 year from the last transaction. Points will automatically expire once the validity period has elapsed. Points received before 26 March 2020, expiry will be on 25 March 2022. The Company may from time to time, without notice, amend the validity period of the Points.

7.4 Prohibited Acts

7.4.1 The Points must only be used by the Member, and must not be used by any third party other than the said Member. The Company may deem that Points are used by a Member if the user ID and password entered at the time of use are confirmed to match those registered using the method prescribed by the Company. In the event of unauthorized use by a third party, the Company may not return the Points used, and shall not be liable in any way for damages incurred by the Member.

7.4.2 The Members may not assign any of their rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions to a third party or pledge such as collateral.

7.5 Taxes & Expenses

In the event any taxes or incidental expenses arise with the acquisition of the Points or the use of Points (exchange for awards), such taxes and expenses shall be borne by the Member.

7.6 Loss or Termination of Membership Eligibility

If a Member loses his/her status as a Member, the Points held and all rights related to the right to use the Points shall be lost, and the Member shall not acquire the right to make any claims against the Company with the loss of status.

8. Disclaimer

We assume no liability for any losses or damages incurred by you directly or indirectly other results of your access to the Websites. The above exclusion of liability shall not apply to the extent the relevant laws may deny such exclusion. In such case, Olympus shall be liable to such extent as the laws require.

9. Questions or Comments about this Page

If you have any questions or comments about this page please contact marketing.oml@olympus-ap.com.